The area of Brisighellain the Lamone Valley of Emilia-Romagna, is a beautiful area known for it’s Olive Oil and Wine. In 1594, Giovanni Andrea Callegari, Bishop of Bertinoro, referring to the Lamone Valley, in a letter to Hieronimo Mercuriali, medical Grand Duke of Tuscany, stated that: “The air, water, and the wines they ‘oil and the fruits are so’ good and tasty that does not have the envy of any other region. “Photo Album

Production of Olive Oil dates back to the second century in this reagion of Italy. The beautiful hills protect the olive trees from cold winds and make for ideal cultivation and provide a taste unlike any in the world. The olive groves are mixed with other plants to allow for beautiful mixtures of flavors. There are 70,000 olive trees in this region. 90% of all framers in this area belong to the Agricultural Cooperative Brisighellese. Produce can be purchased at one of two locations.

Other than Olive Oil, the cooperative also serves as a winery for all the local wines. The grapes are hand-picked and carefully selected. Stemming and gentle crushing with slow and controlled fermentation. These area wines are unlike any in the world. The tastes marry the herbs, fruits, flowers, and aromatic scents of the area of Brisighella.

Locals use their own glass jars and jugs to fill with either wine or olive oil. Using something like a gas pump, the customer makes a selection and fills their container. The price is listed by liter and when you have filled your container, the final prices is displayed. Other local items are available to purchase at the cooperative. Local honey, jams, jellies, and homemade pasta is available as well. Cooperative web: