The City of Lovers

The history of Venice like the city itself is unique. Inhabitants from the neighboring mainland seeking refuge from the savage Barbarians who conquered Italy after the fall of the Roman Empire, the history of Venice began with the Venetian lagoon offering a refuge for these people. Slowly, but surely, these people learned how to adapt to life on water and the city of Venice rose from the brackish waters of the lagoon to become one of the most celebrated cities in the world. During the history of Venice, the Venetian Republic still remains the longest ever running Republic in the history of the world.

A city built from fear, was soon to be heralded as the most dazzlingly beautiful city in the world. While the Florentines were regarded as great thinkers, the Venetians should be regarded as great doer’s. For they alone conquered the malaria-ridden swamps to build a city from nothing.

The architectural and artistic treasures to be found throughout the city of Venice, reflect a continual process of enrichment through which the Venetians showed their great sense of nationalism at a time when the rest of Europe was in chaos

Modern day Venice is still an intriguing and mystifying city to visit. Its great history seems to reasonant throughout the whole city. Traditions and festivals continue throughout the calendar year marking events from the rich history of Venice, the Queen of the Sea.